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Pugwash: Filters isolate Internet users

Student Pugwash is a non-advocacy, educational organization that discusses the implications of science. This article summarizes their discussion on filter bubbles.

Evilevitch studies how viruses release DNA to infect cells

Recent findings by Alex Evilevitch, associate professor of physics at Carnegie Mellon University, have shed light on several of the mechanisms behind viral infection.

CMU’s soft robotics inspire Disney’s movie Big Hero 6

Soft robotics research at Carnegie Mellon has inspired Disney's new character, Baymax, from the movie Big Hero 6.

Hunicke speaks at HCI seminar lecture

Robin Hunicke, co-founder of the independent game studio Funomena and creator of The Sims, spoke in a Human-Computer Interaction Seminar Series lecture last Wednesday.

Sunlight knocks electrons loose from solar cell material

This week's How Things Work is about solar cells and semiconductors.

SciTech Briefs

This week's SciTech Briefs are about Antares, bats, exoskeletons, Cretaceous footprints, Parkinson's, and "ghostly presences."

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