Student Senate meeting minutes

Special Allocation: Pi Kappa Alpha

A motion was discussed on whether to fund Pi Kappa Alpha’s philanthropic Tembo Soccer Tournament for the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse. The organization asked for $1,500 to cover operational costs, but the Finance Committee recommended $600 in funding. According to Senate’s bylaws, Pi Kappa Alpha should be able to fund food and T-shirts on their own. In the past, the organization has raised $11,000 for the Gateway Rehabilitation Center, so funding would prevent them from having to cut into these proceeds to cover operational costs. Discussion concluded that funding operational costs exclusively would be appropriate, and that the Finance Committee’s recommendation would be followed. Additionally, the lack of fiscal transparency by Pi Kappa Alpha was noted, as the organization did not provide an updated budget for three weeks. This financial allocation was approved by a vote.

Policy presentation

Senior information systems major Andrew Schwartz gave a presentation about changes in the Student Body Constitution about Senate’s ability to spend the collected student media fee, unless there is unstructured graduate student money in their account at the beginning of the fiscal year. Additionally, during non-allocation years, the Senate’s executive branch will be able to function in the same capacity as the University Center Allocations Board.