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War on Poverty will fail without restructuring

Fifty years ago, Lyndon Johnson declared a "war on poverty". Today, those structures set up by Johnson are in serious need of restructuring.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan was grossed out, yet amazed by this weekend’s Donut Dash. So we asked, "Which baked good would you want a lifetime supply of?"

Climate change continues to be serious issue

With all the media buzz, it’s easy to dismiss cimate change as clickbait and journalistic hyperbole. However, it is still an exceedingly serious issue, and should be treated as such.

CA is on fire with new progressive legislation

While much of the country is facing a painfully unproductive legislative season, California has become a small beacon of hope in successfully passing a number of progressive pieces of legislation.

Ebola not a widespread threat to Americans

While the spread of Ebola is a true concern in other nations with less developed healthcare systems, the spread of the disease in America is something that should be of relatively little concern.

Hong Kong needs its autonomy to progress

The protests in Hong Kong stem from the fear that as China tightens its grip around the city, the elements that made Hong Kong so dynamic may soon disappear.

CA plastic bag ban is example to all

Banning plastic bags is a small but important step in encouraging environmentally-positive change.

Windows 10 makes up for past flops

Compared to Windows 8, Windows 10 should be a major improvement, restoring functionality to traditional users while continuing to bring touchscreen and mobile users into the future.

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