Movies in McConomy

Deliver Us From Evil
Friday, Oct. 31

Halloween: the only time of the year I find watching horror movies acceptable. If you watch them all year round, I question your taste in movies. Sorry. But, not really. Anyway, come down to McConomy Auditorium and watch Deliver Us From Evil instead of going trolling for candy — you’re in college now. The movie features Eric Bana as rough-and-tumble NYPD sergeant Ralph Sarchie, and Joel McHale as his high-octane partner, Butler. Together they are unstoppable and completely cliché. As if that weren’t enough, enter hard-drinking and perpetually smoking Catholic priest Joe Mendoza. This is just the inner dialogue that I imagine happened. Guy #1: I want to make a horror movie with two cops. Guy #2: Okay, but we have a lot of those. Throw in a Catholic Priest and we have a deal. Guy #1: Deal. They hug and become best friends forever. Without giving away any plot — but come on, you probably already know what happens — this movie includes religion, exorcisms, demons, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bad New York accents. It also includes an example of Hollywood ageism at it’s finest: Olivia Munn plays Sarchie’s wife Jen (that’s a 12-year age difference).

The Wolverine
Saturday, Nov. 1 — 8, 11
Sunday, Nov. 2 — 8

Some may say Australia is most known for kangaroos, koalas, and Vegemite, but I say it’s Hugh Jackman. Seriously, they should put him on the flag. This is Jackman’s sixth appearance as Wolverine/Logan, first arriving on the big screen in 2000’s X-Men — and luckily, this movie makes up for the atrocity that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It starts out with Logan traveling to Japan to meet with the scientist that made him “The Wolverine.” He offers to take away his knuckle swords because that is what Logan has always wanted. But — spoiler — he doesn’t go through because, one, Logan realizes he will always be Wolverine, and two, Hollywood loves sequels. The following action scenes are pretty awesome as well. Keep your eyes out for the fighting sequence on top of the moving train. From the trailer, the movie looks very cheesy, but it is actually quite engrossing.