The colors and fashion trends are changing

Although it has officially been fall for a while now, temperatures have not dropped until recently, and the time to transition our wardrobes from summer clothes to items more suitable for colder weather is now quickly approaching.

At the same time, it is frustrating to leave your house in the morning wearing a sweater, fully prepared to brave the cold, only for the weather to suddenly become warmer in the middle of the day. As a result, the transition period between fall and winter that generally occurs from October through November can be difficult to handle. However, being aware of what’s in style this fall can really help. How do you figure out what’s in style, you ask? Most of the stuff seen on runways isn’t really wearable in a practical sense. What’s important is knowing how to translate those styles into your wardrobe to make them your own.

In Vogue Paris’ article, “20 trends for Fall/Winter 2014–2015,” the runways were full of clothing inspired by styles of the ’60s, including trapeze dresses and pastel colors, which is especially surprising considering the season. Try this style out with a trapeze or babydoll-fit dress. A personal favorite is the “Free People Sundown Babydoll Dress.” Although the dress is quite summery, it can still be worn in the fall with a pair of simple black tights, short heeled boots, and a cardigan. As simple as putting together this outfit is, it gives off the appearance that you put a lot of effort into pairing the pieces and are keeping up with trends. If you really feel like going all out that day, add a simple necklace to tie everything together.

Another one of Vogue’s 20 mentioned trends is described as “all over knits,” and that’s the only way to describe it. Pictures featuring clothing by Marc Jacobs and Céline show models dressed head-to-toe in the same color and texture of knit, meaning that they’re wearing sweater pants to match the sweater that they’re wearing. Sweaters are a normal thing to wear, but the sweater pants look a little crazy. Luckily, there’s another option that you can take which still follows the same theme, but looks more normal. Stores such as Modcloth and Free People have recently been featuring what they’ve been calling “sweater leggings,” which sound strange but actually look really cool. The leggings I found on Modcloth’s website have a Fair Isle design, while the ones at Free People are available in a variety of designs, including floral print. Pair them with a neutral colored sweater, and maybe a green anorak jacket (which has been in style since last fall), and short black boots.

Yet another one of the trends mentioned by Vogue was “eccentric furs,” which I not only found entertaining but also saw as a potential source of fashion inspiration. While I’m not asking you to wear the black and white fur coat seen at Alexander McQueen’s show (it’s pretty scary; you should look it up), this look is commonly reinterpreted with a fur vest. This trend is something I wouldn’t incorporate into my wardrobe on a daily basis, but it might be nice for events for which you need to look a little nicer or slightly trendier. Just throw one of these on over a simple neutral-toned sweater, dark-wash jeans, and tall boots or short heeled booties.

Ponchos made a comeback this fall as well, which is interesting since the last time I remember them being in style was when I was in the fifth grade. They can be tough to pull off, and you’d definitely have to go all out with the bohemian look if you’re going to try wearing a poncho. As a result, I would check Free People for some great bohemian ponchos. Though it’s on the pricy side, my favorite one is the “Starlight Shadow Poncho Cardi.” As its name suggests, this item of clothing is half-sweater, half-poncho. Pair it with a pair of simple black leggings and short brown boots.

Taking trends you see on the runway and making them your own is a great way to get inspired when choosing your wardrobe for the cooling fall weather. Generally, wear one of these statement pieces with other simple pieces. Doing this also makes it easier for you; if you want to try one or more of these trends, you won’t have to splurge on buying things that match it since most likely you have those items already.