Student Senate meeting minutes

Fiscal policy presentation

Junior economics and decision science double major Landon He gave a presentation regarding changes to Student Senate fiscal policies, beginning with a discussion of reevaluating Senate funding for unrecognized student organizations.

Roughly 25 percent of allocations made over the past six years have been to unrecognized organizations, many of whom do not have the luxury of previous budgeting. The impact of an event or an initiative which could be funded is evaluated with respect to the breadth of its impact, its administration, and its value to students. It was concluded that the events which are funded should align with Senate’s funding philosophy, the language of which is to be clarified by these changes.

Some of the issues discussed were that there is no clause prohibiting funding for individuals, that special allocation funds are permitted to fund the operational costs of initiatives that donate any portion of their proceeds to charity, and that events that are purposed for a specific group or major would be discriminatory.

Upcoming Senate events

Senate will hold a vacancy election in the coming week, and will address the topics of the Healthy U survey and financial allocations. Additionally, bylaw changes will be presented for discussion and voting on Nov. 2.