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Vatican must adopt changed LGBT stance

It is disheartening that even with mounting pressure from within, the Catholic church is constantly qualifying and backtracking any definitive statements on LGBTQ and other progressive issues.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is coming off a wonderful restful weekend, so we ask, "What was your favorite part about fall break?"

U.S. needs to kick its gas addiction

Kicking the fossil fuel habit isn’t easy, but Americans need to accept the fact that fossil fuels are a dangerous base for our society that might prove one day to be an existential threat.

"Ribboning" promotes awareness

We live in a ribbon culture, where raising awareness is a significant step toward greater goals.

August Wilson Center positive for city culture

The August WIlson Center has had a noble and important mission from its inception, but renewed logistical support will offer a chance for the center to achieve those goals.

CMU rebranding should reiterate existing values

The Brand Development Project is an important and necessary initiative. The Tartan hopes that it should not be a reassessment, but a revamping of CMU's existing values and messages.

Michael Dunn conviction may set precedent

The Tartan hopes that Michael Dunn is the first in a new wave of justified convictions for the murder of young black men which has become an epidemic in this country.

Apple Pay will keep credit hackers at bay

Apple Pay may be the solution to credit card fraud.

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