Student Senate meeting minutes

Finance committee update, special allocation

A first draft of a fiscal policy change was completed and is now being reviewed by multiple student governing bodies to ensure that its wording is consistent. Additionally, $4,000 was reinstated to be available to Senate for internal projects.

A finance allocation to AB Tech was also granted for new equipment, as some equipment for events could not be used due to the building constraints of the Jared L. Cohon University Center. It was noted that the Activities Board serves many organizations, and that there are currently many senior members who can teach newer students how to use the new tools.

Ex officio Report

Jess Klein, coordinator of gender studies and sexual violence prevention, discussed rape prevention and sexual assault on college campuses in her ex officio report.

Carnegie Mellon’s recent efforts to address this issue began about a year ago. Klein discussed many measures for preventing sexual assault, including primary prevention through education and bystander training, secondary prevention strategies such as having a buddy system and covering your drink at parties, as well as other tips such as not walking alone at night. Klein also detailed the purpose of the Jeanne Clery Act, specifically with respect to confidentiality and how Carnegie Mellon is legally required to report and investigate all reports of sexual violence.

On-campus resources, including the new Decisions that Matter pamphlet and the Title IX reporting process, were also mentioned. Klein concluded her report by mentioning the difficult nature of gathering statistics on instances of sexual violence and the focus sessions that were hosted on campus by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights recently.