Congratulations to SCS on 25 amazing years

Congratulations to SCS on 25 amazing years (credit: Emily Giedzinski/) Congratulations to SCS on 25 amazing years (credit: Emily Giedzinski/)

As Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science (SCS) celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, The Tartan would like to recognize the school for reaching this milestone in light of its quick rise to a premiere school.

From the first emoticon to the self-driving cars developed by the Robotics Institute, the School of Computer Science has had a major impact in shaping not only the Carnegie Mellon community, but also the world we live in.

A well-deserved brag sheet on the SCS’s 25th anniversary website will tell you that in the 1950s, Allen Newell and Herb Simon (the professors for whom Newell-Simon Hall is named) were writing artificial intelligence programs before there were computers to run them, substituting index cards for software and graduate students gathered around the kitchen table for hardware.

The combination of imagination and insight they displayed alongside other pioneers of the field they were both teaching and studying at Carnegie Mellon led to the creation of a Ph.D. program for computer science in the 1960s. As both the field and the university grew, the School of Computer Science was officially opened in Dec. 1988 and in 1989 began providing undergraduate students with a chance to major in computer science.

The School of Computer Science is one of the most notable and prestigious schools at Carnegie Mellon, and its faculty and students play important roles all across campus, including numerous positions at The Tartan. We hope that the entire campus community will take time to appreciate the importance of SCS to the furthering of science and technology in numerous fields, and wish the school many more years of continued success.