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Jong-un disappears, media speculate

The unraveling story of Kim Jong-un's mysterious disappearance is a prime example of the unprecedented swelling nature of current news coverage.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan spotted a lot of strange and unfamiliar adults on campus this week. So we asked, "How did your parents spend Cèilidh weekend?"

Ebola is not an isolated issue, but international

Ebola is no longer an isolated problem in Western Africa; it may very soon dictate the fate of the international community.

AP students deserve to learn unbiased history

The current controversy over change to the AP United States History curriculum demonstrate why history education should be provided without censorship and with limited bias.

Congratulations to SCS on 25 amazing years

The Tartan would like to congratulate Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science on its 25th anniversary.

CMU impresses with inspiring Cèilidh speakers

CMU's Ceilidh speakers served as a resounding reminder of these various influences upon on our lives and the necessity of having strong leaders to continue formulating life-changing policies.

Pittsburgh restaurant grades promote health

The implementation of health grades in Pittsburgh restaurants will go a long way to protecting public health and ensuring that consumers are being served food in a clean environment.

Obama’s inaction leads to worse oil alternative

Obama should seek to work with market demand in his decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, or else risk greater environmental consequences.

Law must enforce “Yes means yes”

Consent should only be the starting point for which any sexual assault policy is based on; hopefully California will follow up on SB 967 with laws more focused on enforcement.

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