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Movement toward medical cannabis legalization a positive step for PA

If Pennsylvania Senators allow patients to have legal access to medical cannabis, it will improve both medical and civil rights.

Bitcoin requires wider use without regulation

If Bitcoins are ever embraced on a larger scale, governments need to provide the right amount of regulation to catch crime, but also encourage the use of Bitcoins to reap the benefits of the currency.

Net neutrality is not a friend to the Internet

Net neutrality gives the government the ability to regulate the Internet — which has incredibly frightening implications.

Fitness trackers more than just a trend

The popularity of fitness trackers is sure to increase as technology companies round out the gadgets to perform a wider range of functions.

Enforced net neutrality crucial to Internet freedom

Net neutrality is the best way to protect free speech and open content online, and a recent court ruling poses a significant threat to these rights.

Open data ordinance means information awareness

The Open Data Ordinance speaks to a desire on the part of local government for Pittsburgh residents to be informed about and involved in the process of government.

Build18 must supplement creativity with inclusivity

Build18's efforts to foster student creativity should be celebrated, but the initiative could be strengthened and made more inclusive by expanding the participation criteria.

A Person's Opinion

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