Did you know?

100 years ago: Mar. 13, 1913
The Tartan Song Contest ends on March 31, and the Tartan staff encourages all members of the Carnegie Tech community to submit an entry. The song should be easy to sing, hum, whistle, or play on the hurdy gurdy.

50 years ago: Apr. 3, 1963
Carnegie Tech awarded the third-highest number of Ph.D. degrees in engineering during the 1961–62 academic year, according to a study of U.S. universities with at least one approved Ph.D. program in engineering. Carnegie Tech offers Ph.D. degrees in chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and metallurgical engineering.

25 years ago: Apr. 12, 1988
A water main break in Hamerschlag Hall caused a power blackout in Boss House, Hamerschlag House, Margaret Morrison Apartments, Scaife Hall, Hunt Library, GSIA, and Skibo Gymnasium. The break also caused flooding in Scobell Hall, and students have been forced to evacuate to the west end of the basement or to local hotels.

10 years ago: Apr. 7, 2003
In preparation for Spring Carnival, the Science and Technology section features an article titled, “How Things Work: Alcohol.” The science behind the article is sound, and the author suggests that if you’re going to get drunk, you might as well know why it’s happening.

5 years ago: Apr. 7, 2008
Just a week after Barack Obama’s appearance at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall, Michelle Obama makes her Pittsburgh appearance at Skibo Gymnasium. Some question a decision made by the event committee to reseat people sitting behind Mrs. Obama based on race.

1 year ago: Apr. 9, 2012
The Forum section explores issues with student government during this year’s election season. From a GSA president who falsely claimed his group had quorum to the possible impeachment of the student body president, the writer is frustrated with the apathy that these leaders seem to adopt.