Senate Minutes

Special Allocation: Mock Trial

The Mock Trial team requested $850 in funding to attend its opening championship this year. The Mock Trial team representative emphasized the group’s strong competition record this year, considering that they qualified against very difficult competition. Senate voted to provide the $850 in funding.

JFC funding bylaw changes

Student Body President Will Weiner spoke on proposed changes with respect to the Joint Funding Committee (JFC) funding for organizations and activities.

Changes are currently being considered that aim to fix current ambiguities regarding the activities fee of non-degree-seeking students; allow the vice president for finance to put non-JFC groups into probation; and change the current restrictions on groups in probation to only be able to use a portion of their previous year’s budget.

Additionally, JFC is going to make its metric for determining funding for hotels and travel known so these decisions can be more transparent.

Special Allocation: Spring Carnival

$2,000 was requested for the booth builders at Carnival to purchase more hard hats. Currently there are not enough for all of the workers, and in order to comply with Occupational Health and Safety Administration guidelines, everyone working on Midway must wear a hard hat. The money was allocated for the purchase of hard hats.

Special Allocation: Orphanage Outreach

Orphanage Outrage requested $1,500 to help fund its trip to the Dominican Republic to teach English at a rural school. The organization runs a one-week camp in the western part of the country on English lessons, and a showcase and Late Night event here on campus. The $1,500 was allocated to Orphanage Outreach.

Special Allocation: Senior Week

Senior Week representatives sought $2,150 to host a field day as part of the celebrations. Senior Week is being run by seniors and the supervisor of Student Activities. It is currently subsidized, but requires additional funding if it is to be free. Senate voted in favor of the allocation.