Did you know?

100 years ago: Apr. 3, 1913
The Tartan reminds students that school spirit means more than just cheering at athletic events. Students heading home for the Easter holiday are urged to reach out to graduating seniors from their hometown and promote the advantages of a Carnegie Tech education.

50 years ago: Apr. 24, 1963
The sixth glass door collapsed in Skibo Gymnasium. As with the previous five broken panes, it is unclear why the door appears to have fallen and shattered. The Tartan suggests that Skibo should hold off on replacing the door to air out the stench of the gymnasium and spend other funds mopping up other areas of campus.

25 years ago: Apr. 26, 1988
The Housing and Dining Office was informally accused by two students of breaking the dorm room entry policy over spring break. One student had a refrigerator unplugged over the break that caused his milk to spoil and stink up the room.

10 years ago: Apr. 21, 2003
A newly approved exam policy puts more power in the hands of stressed, overworked students. Students are not required to take more than one exam on the same day, and classes with final exams cannot have a final project due on the last day of classes, nor can a class require both a final exam and a project to be due during finals week.

5 years ago: Apr. 28, 2008
Former Vice President Al Gore is the 2008 commencement speaker and plans to talk about green initiatives at the event. With Carnegie Mellon’s hope of training students to better care for the environment in innovative ways, Gore seems like an excellent candidate to inspire graduating seniors.

1 year ago: Apr. 30, 2012
CMU EMS, University Police, and the Pittsburgh Police dealt with myriad underage drinking and drug issues over Carnival weekend. A University of Pittsburgh student was found unconscious next to Doherty Hall during the Passion Pit Carnival concert, and a Donner resident had to be transported to the hospital after ingesting LSD.