President’s cabinet searching for applicants

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Hello Tartans,

One part of Carnegie Mellon’s Student Government has been a President’s cabinet. This cabinet works with the President and Vice President to help make different initiatives come to fruition during the school year. This year, our cabinet will be split into two different branches. The branches and the descriptions of their roles are listed below.

A Chief of Staff will also be selected to oversee and connect these two branches. Members of the cabinet should expect to spend 2–4 hours a week on cabinet-oriented work, of which one of these hours will be a weekly meeting.

We hope to have a cabinet full of Carnegie Mellon students who are passionate and excited about making a difference for students on our campus. Here’s a basic description of what we’re looking for:

Cabinet Task Force
The first of these branches is a Task Force that will act as the core group of cabinet representatives who work to make sure events run smoothly and board initiatives are achieved. The following are the positions that will be available:

Application Engineers will work to make sure that any technology that is presented by Student Government is working properly, while Public Relations will work to advertise all Student Government sponsored events.

Events and Logistics works with the rest of the task force to make plans for different events and programs, and Campus Coordinator will work as a connection between students and the administration to relay important campus trends. Meanwhile, Community Coordinator will work with students on campus and the greater Pittsburgh community to form meaningful connections. Constitutional Adviser will work to make sure that all Student Government practices are in line with the current constitution and will be prepared to work on any needed bylaw changes.

Cabinet Advisers
The second branch will be known as the Advisers who will serve as representatives for different large student groups on campus. These advisers will choose their own specific initiatives to work and focus on. These initiatives should relate to the passions of the representatives and the groups of students that they represent. The following adviser positions will be available: Greek advisers, first-year advisers, graduate student advisers, residential life advisers, and athletics advisers.

Have an idea for a position that we haven’t listed? Let us know! Fill out your application at