Carnival Through the Years

50 years ago: May 8, 1963
The 1963 Carnival theme Phenomenal Phliques included a first-place booth by Beta Theta Pi based on Peter Pan, a faculty egg toss, sorority relays, and plank jousting behind the Morewood parking lot. Captain “Beta” Hook walked the plank into a tub of water when game players threw plastic knives through port holes on the side of the ship, which was surrounded by moving water. The Chemistry A team won the egg toss with a 150-foot toss across the Cut. Kappa Alpha Theta won both the sorority relays and the sorority skit competition. The relays included sorority women participating in a broom-riding relay, role race, and sack relay.

25 years ago: Apr. 19, 1988
The first snowy Carnival in recent memory resulted in issues with switching from temporary power to permanent power on Wednesday night, buggy race delays, and shivering audience members in the comedian’s tent. Edward Jackman, the headlining comedian, put on a stand-up comedy performance with juggling tricks. Jackman also shared with the audience that he will be hosting a new NBC series featuring normal people who can do funny things. After the comedy show, Jackman and his camera crew went around Midway looking for funny people to interview for the first episode of the show.

10 years ago: Apr. 14, 2003
The Saturday morning Buggy races were plagued with unexpected mechanical mishaps and human error. The Pi Kappa Alpha women’s team was granted a reroll after their buggy was forced to swerve to avoid colliding with the lead truck in the race. The Beta Theta Pi women were disqualified after rolling the fastest time of the day because their buggy failed the drop test for brakes. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon men hit a pothole and lost a wheel during their roll. Several fans, many of whom were underage, were issued citations for possession of alcohol in the area adjacent to the buggy track.

5 years ago: Apr. 21, 2008
As the Democratic primary for the 2008 presidential election approached, Chelsea Clinton made an appearance on Midway to support her mother Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.). Clinton’s visit to Carnegie Mellon is the first stop on a tour of college campuses across the nation in which she moderates a Q & A session with college students. Aside from the political buzz, Booth is plagued with numerous injuries because of strong winds on Midway. One sister of Delta Gamma had to get four staples in her head after a wall fell on her while members were finishing up assembly of their booth on Saturday night.

1 year ago: Apr. 23, 2012
The College of Fine Arts hosts its third annual Anti-Gravity Downhill Derby, which began as a class project in 2010 and has since grown in participation from CFA students. The derby pokes fun at Carnival’s stress on buggy, and features often scantily-clad students dressed as moving art. The weekend also included a performance by Passion Pit and Scotch’n’Soda’s rendition of The Drowsy Chaperone. Both shows excited audiences, especially when Passion Pit’s performers expressed fond feelings for Carnegie Mellon’s campus and students. The entire audience is even invited to the next Passion Pit concert in Pittsburgh.