Did you know?

100 years ago: Mar. 27, 1913
The men of Beta Theta Pi Epsilon fraternity hosted a three-day party at its chapter house, including the Musical Club’s Concert and Dance — an informal musical at the house — and the annual fraternity dance. The dance took place at the Rittenhouse and includes dinner and dancing.

50 years ago: Apr. 10, 1963
Beth Parkinson, Carnegie Tech’s candidate for Glamour’s Best Dressed Girl Contest, was selected as one of 30 semifinalists from across the nation. If she won the contest she would have spent spend the first two weeks of June on location at Glamour’s offices in New York City, attending luncheons and photo shoots among other events.

25 years ago: Apr. 19, 1988
A sculpture in memory of Judith A. Resnik was dedicated outside Porter Hall. Resnik passed away on Jan. 28, 1986 in the Challenger space shuttle crash. The sculpture, made of bent case metal and set on a stone base, represents a liberal spirit in engineering colleges.

10 years ago: Apr. 14, 2003
As Carnival weekend concluded, The Tartan asked students, “What was your most memorable Carnival moment?” One first-year student was overjoyed when “Dave Attell signed that girl’s chest.” The best memory, though, came from a senior mechanical engineer who said, “I don’t remember anything.”

5 years ago: Apr. 14, 2008
The School of Computer Science established the Robot Hall of Fame to recognize real and fictional robots. Robots can be honored as Robots of Science or Robots of Science Fiction. Robots of Science are expected to serve functional purposes, whereas one of the first fictional robots inducted into the Hall of Fame was R2-D2.

1 year ago: Apr. 16, 2012
Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion dollars last Monday. The purchase used up about one quarter of Facebook’s on-hand revenue. Before the purchase, Instagram had been live for 17 months and had 13 employees.