Did you know?

100 years ago: Feb. 27, 1913
The Third Year Night Science Class held a swimming party last week. After members complained of being too tired for sports on the weekend, the group met at the bowling alley for its weekend fun. Afterward, they spotted a sign nearby saying “Eat,” and the night ended with good food and good company.

50 years ago: Mar. 20, 1963
Pittsburgh Police has decided to step up its monitoring and punishment of illegal parking around Schenley Park. Previously, cars were tagged and ticketed for illegal parking in the area, but the new policy will have cars towed away immediately if they are found illegally parked anywhere near the park.

25 years ago: Mar. 15, 1988
Pittsburgh Police had a busy week. It issued a state citation to a buggy participant who did not cooperate when an ambulance had to drive through the buggy course during push practice. A fire was also started in MI 143, and the police suspect arson.

10 years ago: Mar. 17, 2003
A 15-year-old first-year student fell backward into the Engineering & Science Library while outside Wean Hall. She fell back and through the skylight above the library, hit a bookshelf, and landed on the library floor. She was released from the hospital on the same day with only a scratch on her finger.

5 years ago: Mar. 24, 2008
In 2002, the Princeton Review ranked Carnegie Mellon as the most politically apathetic college or university in the entire country. With the Pennsylvania primaries quickly approaching, students are proud to have shed the six-year-old image of political indifference.

1 year ago: Mar. 26, 2012
Sex educators Rachel Dart and Marshall Miller speak to a full Doherty lecture hall about the female orgasm. Sponsored by the new student group Ms. CMU, which focuses on women’s issues, the talk was entitled “I <3 FEMALE ORGASM” and was an open, interactive conversation.