Women’s basketball suffers losses away

The Tartans women’s basketball team lost two major conference games this past weekend. The first loss was against Washington University in St. Louis last Friday, and the second against the University of Chicago yesterday.

These two losses brought the Tartans’ season record to 11–9 and their UAA conference record to 3–6.

The first loss of last week, a 85–54 game against the Washington University Bears, came after a 73–57 loss against Washington University two games prior.

The Bears scored the first 10 points of the game, and rounded out the first half of the game with a score of 49-21. The Tartans attempted a late-game comeback, but the Bears easily retained their victory.

In offense, the Bears dominated the game through team effort, holding a continuous lead in the game that reached 41 points at its maximum. Of the 85 total points scored, 46 came off the bench, with 15 different Bears putting points on the board.
The Tartans were successful at defense, with four more rebounds than their opponent.

Key players on the Carnegie Mellon side included sophomore Gabrielle West and senior Emily Peel, whose efforts in cutting the point deficits in the second half of the game unfortunately came up too short.

In offense, however, the Tartans struggled, dropping 31 turnovers and giving just nine assists in the entire game, which was half of the total of the previous match against Washington University.

The game on Feb. 3 against the University of Chicago produced similar disappointments; the Maroons won the first 14 points of the game, with UChicago shooting a 50 percent as field shots.

Unlike the Bears, however, the Maroons made many offense errors, allowing 27 turnovers compared to the Tartans’ 13.

On Jan. 27, the Tartans conquered UChicago in a 76–68 win. An increase in rebounds was essential to the Tartans’ victory, as the team gained 23 more rebounds in this second game.

Away games are always more difficult than home games, as first-year forward Mathea Tenwalde suggested when she said “Traveling and away trips are something we need to overcome to become a great team.”

West scored 15 points against Washington University and 10 against UChicago, with junior Jacquie Shaw attaining 17 points in the match against the Maroons.

But the Tartans are looking forward to finish the season on a high note.

Team captain, senior Tori Baggio, said, “This weekend wasn’t our easiest, however, we are excited for our last home weekend of the season coming up.”