Did you know?

100 years ago: Jan. 16, 1913
The Fulcrum Club elected its newest officers to serve the club until January 1914. The club also held its business meeting to make sure all of its affairs were in order. To finish out the meeting, the Glee Club joined the engineers and presented several songs to get everyone excited about engineering.

50 years ago: Feb. 13, 1963
Carnegie Tech lost its chance at second place in the Pittsburgh Intercollegiate Rifle League to Washington & Jefferson. The team lost its next match to Geneva, which was particularly upsetting because the men lost by only six points, finishing the match at 1387–1381.

25 years ago: Feb. 2, 1988
One student chronicles his love affair with codeine, specifically in the form of Robitussin. The entire article is a bit random, a fact he blames entirely on the loopy effect of the cough syrup. He urges other students to find a reason to give codeine, specifically Robitussin, a try.

10 years ago: Feb. 3, 2003
Pillbox explores the best pancakes Pittsburgh has to offer. DeLuca’s Restaurant in the Strip District takes first place in taste, and Ritter’s Diner in Bloomfield offers the most bang for your buck. For the frugal, directions on how to make Jiffy pancakes at home are also included.

5 years ago: Feb. 4, 2008
Jonathon Hurst, graduate student in the Robotics Institute, is working with a professor at the University of Michigan to explore the running mechanism in robots. The end goal is to offer military personnel a resource to carry heavy bundles and to assist people with limited mobility.

1 year ago: Feb. 6, 2012
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and Georgia Tech claim that Twitter users think only a third of the tweets they see every day are worth reading. They use an algorithm to figure out what people deem “worth reading” so Twitter can improve user experience.