Dollar Movie

February 7

Monsters, Inc.
8 10 12

AB Films begins a week of top-shelf animation with Monsters, Inc. If you ask people what their favorite Pixar movies are, they probably won’t answer with Monsters, Inc. — but if you remind them about it, they will surely gush about its charm and hilarity. Billy Crystal and John Goodman turn in unforgettable vocal performances as two professional monsters who scare children to power their metropolis. This is a movie that’s hard to dislike; it may be Pixar’s most imaginative effort.

February 8

Wreck-It Ralph
8 10 12

Many tend to forget that great animation can be made outside of Pixar’s juggernaut studio, and Wreck-It Ralph is definitively proof of this. John C. Reilly voices the titular character, a video game villain who rebels against his archetype and dreams of being the hero. Disney studios produced an imaginative, glorious design, frequently referencing and paying homage to video game culture.

February 9

The Incredibles
8 10 12

The Incredibles is the best flick Pixar has made yet, and it has a strong claim to the best-superhero-movie-ever award. It is at once a family drama, a comedy, a thriller, and an action/superhero movie. Its structure is radical and its villain is almost unthinkable. It’s the riskiest Pixar film — and who does risk better than Pixar? The Incredibles tells the story of a family of superheroes, each with a special power. Relationship troubles and typical family struggles are woven effortlessly into Pixar’s inimitable fantasy and action universe. The animation is bold and insane: Remember the shot of Dash running across the water? This is a movie that’s never worth missing.

February 10