JFC must give students more time to join The Bridge

Credit: Annette Ko/Art Editor, art based off photo from The Bridge website Credit: Annette Ko/Art Editor, art based off photo from The Bridge website

The Joint Funding Committee (JFC), the student group that allocates revenue from the student activities fee to campus organizations, recently stated that it would use The Bridge to help decide how the revenue is divided among organizations for the 2013-14 academic year.

The Bridge is an online tool that connects students to organizations and events on campus. Students can join organizations through The Bridge, which lists members of groups publicly. The JFC says it will consider the number of students listed in an organization when determining budgets.

While The Bridge has the potential to accurately measure organization membership, the JFC could have given organizations more time to allow members to join the website.

Because The Bridge is fairly new, many organization leaders do not use the website. Organization membership on The Bridge often does not accurately represent true membership since most students do not join their respective extracurricular activities' pages.

While the JFC encouraged organization leaders to have their members join their respective organizations on The Bridge, they did not provide ample time for organizations to contact their members.

Many organizations meet weekly, and some do not regularly schedule meetings. The email informing organizations to contact their members was sent on Tuesday. Budget considerations began Friday. With less than a week for organizations to contact members, leaders may not have been able to tell members to join The Bridge.

Short on time, some organizations also flocked to Facebook and email in an attempt to increase membership by telling students who are not currently members to join them on The Bridge.

With the possibility that students joined organizations they do not belong to, budgets could be misallocated.
Admittedly, the JFC had good intentions to count organization membership, and its method for allocating funds may have caused more students to use The Bridge. But we urge the JFC to give students more time to join their respective organizations on The Bridge so that budgets can be allocated to campus organizations as accurately as possible