Did you know?

100 years ago: Jan. 23, 1913
The School of Applied Design offers Carnegie Tech students the university’s first music courses. The goal is for talented, interdisciplinary students to emerge from Carnegie Tech with a variety of skills to bring to the workforce.

50 years ago: Feb. 20, 1963
Want to drown your sorrows? The Donner House Council invites students to a Mourning Party in the dormitory. Both misery and cocktails will be plentiful, and the evening will include live music. Students are jokingly instructed to dress only in drag in order to partake in the festivities.

25 years ago: Feb. 9, 1988
A Valentine’s quiz for couples asks students, “What is your biggest worry about making love?” Answer choices include (a) forgetting user ID, (b) having roommates walk in, or (c) running out of whipped cream. Other answers that fit this category include fighting over whose QPA is higher.

10 years ago: Feb. 10, 2003
Carnegie Mellon alumnus Paul Smith (DC ’82) was head writer of the Nickelodeon show The Backyardigans. Before The Backyardigans, he served as a director of musical content and on-air promotions with kids’ television network Nick Jr.

5 years ago: Feb. 11, 2008
Pillbox offers everyone from hopeless romantics to bitter singles ideas on how to spend the most prominent day in February: Valentine’s Day. For singles, the writer suggests meeting up with other singles for fun. And for the hopeless romantics? There’s always next year if Prince Charming doesn’t find you this time.

1 year ago: Feb. 13, 2012
A comprehensive housing guide offers students a snapshot of their options for living on or off campus. Since most on-campus housing is for first-years, the guide is also helpful for prospective and incoming students visiting campus.