Cheap dates for your Valentine

Credit: Rachel Cohen/Pillbox Editor Credit: Rachel Cohen/Pillbox Editor

Valentine’s Day is the one special day of the year when it’s socially acceptable to shower a loved one with extravagant displays of public affection. However, because we’re poor college students, it can be hard to find creative (but cheap!) ways to show your love. We’ve come up with a list of ideas of epic things to do on Feb. 14 that won’t break the bank.

  1. Phipps Conservatory is a great idea for newer couples. With beautiful flower displays and free admission for Carnegie Mellon students, it’s a cute way to get to know someone without cleaning out your wallet.

  2. For the more adventurous, outside-the-box couple, the Mattress Factory is a great option. The museum, which showcases contemporary installation art in the Mexican War Streets, has many interesting art displays, and admission is free for Carnegie Mellon students. James Turrell’s Pleiades is a special highlight — an installation in which you can sit with your significant other in the dark for 10 minutes.

  3. To take a page out of A Walk to Remember, a picnic is a classic Valentine’s date. Make sure to pack your significant other’s favorite food, a towel to sit on, and some blankets to cuddle in. Don’t forget to bundle up; it’s cold outside! For bonus points, bring a telescope and a star map to stargaze.

  4. For the most chick-flick-come-to-life date, try ice skating in Schenley Park at night. It’s a classic for a reason. Not only will it be cold (ensuring hand-holding), but the park will also have a special deal for the night. The entrance fee will be a mere $4 for the two of you, and although skate rentals are not included in that entrance fee, chocolates, roses, and mini-massages are included if you’re one of the first 175 couples there.

  5. The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is a great destination for people who aren’t looking for a super intimate date. In fact, it’s perfect for a double date, or even a group of friends. For $10 per person, you can explore seven different kinds of animal habitats. Just make sure to plan for a couple of hours in your schedule so you can explore the entire zoo during your visit.

  6. The Double Wide Grill at 2339 E. Carson St. is a great place to bring someone for a unique date; the restaurant is having a special zombie Valentine’s Day dinner. The average price per person ranges from $11 to $30, making this the priciest option on our list. But a zombie Valentine’s dinner is too fun to pass up. Make sure to dress to impress (the dead), and have a good time.

  7. For students who have too much work, try a study date at Club Hunt. It might not be the most exciting option, but hey, at least you can finish that 251 homework! Just make sure to bring some flowers or chocolates to still make your study buddy feel special.

  8. And last but not least, the forever-alone date is always an option. If you don’t have a significant other this Valentine’s Day, you can always buy plenty of chocolates, order Vocelli’s, and rent out some chick flicks. Invite some friends over and make fun night out of it!