Peter Masters steps down from SBVP role

Student Body President Lindsay MacGillivray and recently resigned Student Body Vice President Peter Masters.  (credit: Courtesy of Alex Cooper Webster) Student Body President Lindsay MacGillivray and recently resigned Student Body Vice President Peter Masters. (credit: Courtesy of Alex Cooper Webster)

Peter Masters, junior international relations and politics and philosophy double major, resigned from his position as student body vice president for the fall semester, citing personal reasons.

Masters said that he needs to “take a step back and take care of [himself] a little bit.” He will be taking a leave of absence for the spring semester.

“I wholeheartedly support Masters’s decision to step down and understand that while he was doing great work for the student body, this was absolutely the best decision for him to make,” said Lindsay MacGillivray, senior biology major and student body president. “His resignation does not in any way reflect the work that he did while in the role, and I know that he will still be able to stay engaged with students on campus.”

“Peter Masters did a wonderful job in his position as VP. His creativity paired with his extensive prior experience with student government on campus, made him an excellent candidate for the VP position, and he was working on many different projects that would benefit the student body in a number of ways,” she continued.

As student body vice president, Masters was in the process of spearheading several campus initiatives, including improvements in dining and outdoor study spaces. Masters is working on creating a “Carnegie Mellon survival guide” that gives tips on how to succeed at Carnegie Mellon to first-year students.

“One of the biggest things I am personally passionate about is dining here,” Masters said in an interview. “A big thing for me was creating an allergen-free location and having more late night options, since a lot of CMU students seem to stay up forever.”

Masters, although he is resigning, will continue supporting these causes. “VP is really just a title, and these are all things that I’m very passionate about and will continue working on,” Masters said.

Following Masters’s resignation, MacGillivray began the search for someone to fulfill his role. According to MacGillivray, she tentatively plans to appoint junior electrical and computer engineering major and student government cabinet member Ian Glasner as Masters’s replacement, pending approval from Student Senate and the Graduate Student Assembly. According to the student government constitution, which can be viewed online at, if “the [student body vice president] position becomes vacant, the president may appoint a member of the student body to fill the position. Either Student Senate or the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) may reject this appointment by way of two-thirds supermajority vote at a regular meeting of student senate or the graduate student assembly, respectively.”

“Since the position is now an appointed position, I used different networks of students to solicit suggestions for new vice president candidates, specifically Senate, GSA, and my cabinet. After receiving different suggestions from students, I interviewed four different excellent candidates for the position and ultimately decided that Ian Glasner would be my appointment,” MacGillivray said.

Glasner is currently a community adviser in the Residence on Fifth, a member of MacGillivray’s student government cabinet, a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, and a founder of an organization that will travel to Haiti to support communities there.

“Ian brings a variety of different experiences and skills to the vice president position.... I am excited about the opportunity to work with Ian and am confident in his abilities to quickly matriculate into the position,” MacGillivray said. “Since he has served as part of my cabinet, he understands the initiatives that we are working on currently and has some great new ideas to bring to the table as well.”

In this upcoming week, MacGillivray will present her nomination of Glasner to Student Senate and the GSA.

The approval will officiate Glasner as the new student body vice president.

“Once we have gotten this approval, we will make a more formal announcement,” MacGillivray said.

“Currently, Ian and I have been meeting to adjust our platform to meet our combined ambitions and address the needs of campus. We will also most likely be changing our office hours and finding more unique ways to reach out to the student body.” The announcement of SBVP will be released sometime this week.