Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Points of Discussion

The Campus Life Committee is considering putting a holiday tree up in the University Center. The proposal raised concerns during the meeting that a holiday tree could be construed as religious bias. Although the tree would not be specifically a Christmas tree, some Senators argued that a holiday tree is inherently biased toward the Christmas holiday. The Campus Life committee is considering the issue and possible alternatives.

Student Senate discussed the possibility of having college-specific events to foster community involvement in student government. The idea drew trepidation from Senators after last year’s unsuccessful college-specific town hall events. Senators suggested partnering with academic Student Advisory Councils to organize the events.

Senate also discussed communication between committees. Some Senators feel that separate committees are too closed, and need to present committee reports more often. Other Senators thought that constant committee updates would be excessive.

Ex Officio Report: Summer Studies

Maureen Meyer, a Summer Studies student assistant and junior professional writing major, spoke on behalf of the Summer Studies program.

According to Meyer, Summer Studies wants to form a student committee to give feedback and ideas about the summer experience at Carnegie Mellon.

Committee Report: Campus Life

The Gallery Crawl was held this Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Campus Life Committee has printed and framed the Spring 2013 Dean’s List; they will hang it publicly in the University Center soon.
The committee also mentioned the potential of putting up a holiday tree or other decorations in the University Center.

Committee Report: Internal Development

Members of the Executive Committee were pleased with the Senators’ feedback from the survey sent out by the Internal Development Committee two weeks ago. The survey measured how Senators felt about the Executive Committee and the direction that Senate is going.