CMU campus coming to Brooklyn

Credit: Brian Trimboli/News Co-Editor Credit: Brian Trimboli/News Co-Editor

Carnegie Mellon is going to the Big Apple. By August 2015, the university will not only have campuses in Pittsburgh, Silicon Valley, and Qatar, but also in New York.

The school contracted with New York City, as well as Brooklyn-based production factory Steiner Studios, to create a new graduate school campus that melds technology with the arts. Carnegie Mellon’s Brooklyn campus will give students the opportunity to obtain master’s degrees in subjects such as game design, computational data science, and emerging media, according to the New York Daily News.

The program, entitled the Integrative Media Program, will cater to graduate students interested in pioneering the converging fields of arts, design, science, and the humanities. The Integrative Media Program is one of a kind; as “the first Applied Sciences project to integrate rigorous academics seamlessly into a specialized commercial working environment,” according to a university press release, the program seeks to contribute to the future of technology in urban environments.

“We believe New York City will be the perfect setting for CMU to provide education in these technology-based modes of expression and production — social media, games, special effects, responsive environments, product design and manufacturing — just to name a few of the areas where we will be working together,” said Provost and Executive Vice President Mark Kamlet in the university press release.

“CMU is recognized worldwide for its computer science and engineering programs, but I don’t know if many people are aware of how strong its fine arts program is as well,” said senior design major Joe Oak. “As the cultural hub, New York will be a great place to strengthen the university’s involvement in the arts as well as increase awareness among the creative community.”

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg made the announcement at the Brooklyn Navy Yard last Wednesday. “Carnegie Mellon is one of the great educational institutions in the country and it just adds to the overall intellectual capital of the city,” Bloomberg said during his speech. “Smart people want to be with smart people — they feed on each other, they develop with each other.”

The creation of the Brooklyn campus was made possible by Carnegie Mellon’s winnings in the Applied Sciences NYC competition, which awarded the school $100 million and $300 million in New York City real estate. The program will open in Steiner Studios’ seven-story building at 25 Washington Ave., following a $65 million renovation.

Sophomore mechanical engineering major and New York native Taisha Vargas said, “I think it’s fantastic that CMU is reaching out to the Big Apple. We need to have more of a national presence, and why not start in the capital of the world? CMU would be surrounded by several other well-respected universities, and the opportunity to present CMU as a university that promotes cultural diversity through this program is groundbreaking.”

“We’re very strong in drama and the arts, so we have a huge alumni base that’s here and we’re always involved in activities here,” Kamlet said in an interview with The New York Times.

“But in terms of yet additional plans in New York, that might be great but there’s not others that are concrete at this point.”

The Integrative Media Program will offer courses through the College of Fine Arts, the School of Computer Science, the College of Engineering, and the Tepper School of Business. The school plans to have 50 students each year — 40 matriculated students and 10 visiting students.