Campus Crime and Incident

Vehicle Stop/Theft of Chair
Nov. 16, 2013

A University Police officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation on Forbes Avenue. While speaking with the driver, the officer noticed a chair in the back of the pickup truck. The officer confirmed that the chair was removed from the cafeteria area in Posner Hall. The driver was given a Carnegie Mellon internal discipline citation for theft of university property. University Police took custody of the chair and will return it to Posner Hall.

Defiant Trespass Notice
Nov. 16, 2013

University Police made contact with a suspicious male outside of the Hunt Library. A Hunt Library desk attendant summoned the University Police after the male and two others were seen walking around the Hunt Library. University Police spoke with one of the men and issued him a defiant trespass notice for frequenting Carnegie Mellon’s leased or owned property. The University Police have positively identified the other two suspicious males that were in the library, and all officers will be on the lookout for the three men.

Underage Drinking Party
Nov. 17, 2013

University Police were summoned to the third floor of Hamerschlag House due to a loud party. Officers discovered several open containers of alcohol inside the room where the party was held. The University Police ordered the occupants of the room to disperse and all of the alcoholic beverages were disposed of. Two students were cited with internal discipline citations for underage drinking.

On the same night, University Police were summoned to the Skibo Café after a report of a male student spitting on the floor of the café. Officers made contact with the intoxicated student, who was taken to his residence by police and cited for underage drinking.

Vehicle Damage
Nov. 18, 2013

University Police assisted the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police with gathering information about several vehicles that were damaged by fallen tree limbs on Frew Street. The vehicles were legally parked on Frew Street when several large branches fell on the cars and caused extensive damage to them.

Odor of Marijuana
Nov. 19, 2013

University Police were called to the first floor of the Donner House to investigate an odor of marijuana. Officers met with the occupants of the suspected room, at which time the room’s occupants admitted to smoking marijuana. All illegal contraband was confiscated and one student was cited for disorderly conduct.