Campus Crime & Incident

Alcohol Amnesty
November 9, 2013

University Police and CMU EMS responded to Beeler Street and Olympia Place in response to an intoxicated student. The student, who had been drinking on Wilkins Avenue, was taken to a hospital by city medics. University Police later responded to Webster Hall with CMU EMS and city medics, where another male was taken to a hospital. University Police and CMU EMS, along with city medics, also handled a medical incident at 1057 Morewood Ave. involving an intoxicated male. All of these incidents met the criteria for Alcohol Amnesty.

Bicycle Theft
November 11, 2013

University Police were summoned to Woodlawn Apartments in response to a theft report. The student stated that her bicycle, which was secured using a cable lock to a city of Pittsburgh “No Parking” sign, was removed from the sign. The victim stated that she secured the bicycle at 10 p.m. on Nov. 10 and realized her bicycle was gone on Nov. 11 at midnight. University Police determined that the Pittsburgh Police did not remove the bicycle, since other bicycles were secured to nearby signs. Reminder: Please use designated bike racks to secure bicycles.

Purse Theft
November 11, 2013

University Police were summoned to 311 South Craig Street in reference to the theft of a staff member’s purse from her desk drawer. The female believes that someone stole her purse from her desk drawer between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. This investigation is ongoing.

Underage Drinking
November 14, 2013

University Police were dispatched to reports of “a female struggling to walk” at the intersection of Forbes and Morewood Avenues. University Police discovered the female was underage and intoxicated. CMU EMS and city medics were summoned to the scene to render medical aid. The female was taken to a and cited for underage drinking.

Kitchen Fire
November 14, 2013

University Police, along with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire, responded to the second floor of the University Center in response to a small kitchen fire. The fire was put out by several employees using fire extinguishers. The cause of the fire was confirmed to be a kitchen dishwasher.