Dollar movie

Despicable Me
Thursday, Oct. 10
7:30 9:30
Friday, Oct. 11

In one of the cutest animated comedies in recent years, Steve Carrell voices the villainous Gru who adopts three little girls and lives a happy life in suburbia. However, the neighbors don’t know that Gru is devising a master plan, which if successful will establish Gru as the most powerful villain: to shrink and steal the moon. Along with his adorable army of minions, Gru embarks on his challenge to become the most powerful villain ever. Despicable Me is a zany and genuine comedy that has enough heart to be a memorable family flick for all ages.

Despicable Me 2
Friday, Oct. 11
9 11

Everybody’s favorite villain is back. After settling into a calm and happy family life, Gru has put aside his dreams of becoming a villain and focuses more on being a father to his three adopted daughters. But when the Anti-Villain League pleads for Gru’s help fighting a powerful new supervillain, Gru and his girls partner with an agent named Lucy to bring the villain to justice. Anyone looking for more minion madness should check out the sequel that proves to be just as energetic and funny as the original.