Advice for Awkward People

Dear Matt & Ryan,

I’m an adjunct professor with an odd impulse to play matchmaker with two seniors. I’m pretty certain they don’t know each other — so we are talking a blind set-up.

Is this urge to meddle trouble? Is this about them or me? Have I watched too many John Hughes movies? I’d like to stay within the perimeters of my teaching role, but I also have a really good feeling about these two kids...

Yours Sincerely,
Senior-Helping Adviser, Decides Couple Hopeful, Arrangement Necessary


The number-one thing to remember when playing matchmaker is to not back down. Teachers have something like a sixth sense for this. Meddling can be tricky, but if you feel your relationship with both of these students is friendly enough that they won’t mind, and might even be excited at the opportunity, go for it. We’re in college, and teacher-student relationships tend to be less constricted than in high school. And this is Carnegie Mellon, after all; sometimes an extra push at the right time is helpful. Go for it, and hope they go for it too.

We don’t think we’ll be able to sleep if we don’t feel this little talk has helped you. So would you be a sport and lie to us?
Ryan & Matt

Dear Ryan & Matt,

My best friend, whom I am lucky enough to have as a roommate, recently broke his wrist. A couple kids made fun of him by giving him fruit and otherwise messing with him. Until recently, he had shrugged it off, but I woke up one morning and realized he wasn’t at home! I never bothered to ask for his phone number since we live together, and spend all day, every day, doing the same thing, but if you or any of your readers know where Franklin is, could you send him home?

Strongly a-Tizzy About This Uncertain Experience


We here at Advice for Awkward People know the worry these circumstances can cause, but we can’t file a missing persons report until 72 hours after the individual has gone missing. It’s possible he just got tired of the living arrangement. Ask yourself if there was something in the roommate relationship that wasn’t working out. Did you want to be close to campus, when Franklin wanted to live closer to the nightlife? Was there a big life decision in either or both of your lives? Many college students aren’t ready for a marriage proposal.

Don’t fret,
Matt & Ryan