Statistically Speaking

On Jan. 13, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association held its 70th Golden Globe Awards, an event first started in 1944 and held annually since 1961. Presenting awards for the best performances and production work in television and film, the Golden Globes has a wide viewership and a celebrity-heavy attendance. This year’s awards show was one of the most popular in recent memory. Here are some facts about the 70th Golden Globe Awards:

19.7: The number of viewers, in millions, who tuned in to the television broadcast of this year's awards.

93: The number of voting members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, as of December 2012.

1: The number of awards won by [ITAL]Lincoln[/ITAL], the forerunner for the upcoming Academy Awards.

$78,000: The estimated cost for a typical female attendee to get dressed up for the awards show.