Voting registration efforts are welcome on campus

With Nov. 6 quickly approaching, voters will once again make important decisions that will shape the future of the nation. However, with recent changes to the voting process — including the institution of the Voter ID Law — voting may become more difficult. In addition to this law, college students in particular may find voting in this coming election especially troublesome because of issues with absentee voting and the potential lack of proper identification.

With these impending difficulties, we deeply appreciate the measures taken by student government, College Democrats, PennPIRG, and other partnered organizations to make voter registration easier and more accessible to students.

If you have crossed the Cut since the semester started, then you have no doubt seen the tables set up to register students to vote or to provide additional help for students who are currently registered in other states. Volunteers are also scattered across campus, approaching students in attempts to ensure that they will be able to vote on Election Day.

At times, being approached every day by volunteers with clipboards asking you if you’re registered can be annoying. However, this is preferable to not having any readily available resources.

With the hectic schedules and immense workloads most students face, making sure you are properly registered to vote before the appropriate deadlines may not be so easy. Providing options and information to the student body on campus helps alleviate some issues with the convoluted registration system.

The student government executives have outlined further plans to increase awareness for the coming election and to ensure that students have the resources available to properly register. These measures include making absentee voting methods available and summarizing the positions of local candidates for students, according to the student government executives’ platform and a recent letter to The Tartan on student government initiatives and progress.

We commend student government’s coordination efforts with College Democrats and PennPIRG to register student voters, and we hope such efforts are further expanded upon throughout the semester as we approach Election Day.

Providing these resources to students is an excellent way to counteract the apathy that often plagues Carnegie Mellon’s campus and to ensure that our voices are heard in the coming election.