On-campus dining options make delicious comeback

On-campus dining options make delicious comeback (credit: Josh Smith/Forum Editor) On-campus dining options make delicious comeback (credit: Josh Smith/Forum Editor)

This year, Dining Services has made a real effort to expand and improve on-campus dining locations, with the addition of at least four new eateries (Nakama Express, El Gallo de Oro, the Creperie, and Stackers). We appreciate the steps that have been made to improve students’ dining experience; for the most part, the changes have been successful.

Nakama Express, which replaced Sushi Too, has a larger variety of sushi blocks to choose from than did its predecessor, with a tasty and entirely vegetarian option available. The eatery also has a Chef’s Special Creation menu item, adding a little variety to students’ often routine dining experiences.

Stackers is another new restaurant in Resnik. Its sandwich-building station, similar to Subway or Quiznos, is a welcome addition on campus. The Creperie, located on the second floor of the University Center, is also doing quite well, with frequent long lines of students waiting for sweet or savory crepes.

The one new addition to campus dining that doesn’t sit quite well with the Carnegie Mellon community is El Gallo de Oro.
As good as the eatery’s quesadillas might be, it will always and forever be compared to more popular Mexican cuisine, like Chipotle or other burrito chains. Students have these tasty options readily available off campus, so if El Gallo de Oro wants to win over students, it needs to step up its game.

And while many of the new dining locations have impressed us, some of the older ones have as well. Skibo, for instance, has really improved the quality of its food since last year. Many students have a love-hate relationship with the eatery because of its history of subpar food and spotty service. But where else can a hungry, stressed-out student get a bite to eat late at night?

Skibo seems to have improved its service. The staff seems to be keeping more food in stock so late-night eaters have an actual menu to order from, there are more side items to choose from, and they’re putting some extra care into food preparation. The eatery hasn’t changed much on their menu, so when the quality of the food improves, it’s especially noticeable.

If you’ve been disillusioned with campus eateries in the past, give them another chance. We would encourage students to try out all the new dining locations and give Dining Services the feedback it needs.