CMU dining uses its noodle

Worlds of Flavor, formerly a popular theme night at Take Comfort, is now a permanent dining location. (credit: Kate Groschner/Staff Photographer) Worlds of Flavor, formerly a popular theme night at Take Comfort, is now a permanent dining location. (credit: Kate Groschner/Staff Photographer)

This year, Carnegie Mellon’s Dining Services added five new venues and adjusted two existing venues. Creperie, Stackers, Nakama Express, Worlds of Flavor, and El Gallo de Oro are all new eateries.

Evgefstos’ hours were also adjusted so that students could eat there between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., and Dining Services expanded the Schatz breakfast menu to include sandwiches.

Creperie is located in the UC Marketplace, between the existing Downtown Deli and Spinning Salads. At Creperie, students can select what ingredients and toppings go onto their crepe and then watch a chef make it.

Both Stackers, a sandwich venue, and Nakama Express, a sushi venue, are located in the Resnik food court. Worlds of Flavor is in the Tartan Pavilion and El Gallo de Oro is on the first floor of the University Center, in the former location of Sí Señor.

“I think it’s good that there’s more variety and that they’re trying to keep things interesting every year,” said Erik Pintar, a sophomore electrical and computer engineering major.

According to Kim Abel, the Director of Housing and Dining Services, the decision to add these new eateries, and make some adjustments to existing ones, was made over the years and is a continuous process. She said there was no exact point in time when they came to the decision to specifically add the Creperie, Stackers, Worlds of Flavor, or Nakama Express.

“We are continuously trying to improve our venue options,” Abel said.

“They’re probably going with the trends,” Lina Pulgarin, first-year physics major, said of Creperie being added. “It’s kinda like going through a cupcake trend, cake trend, etc. Now they’re going through a crepe trend.”

According to Abel, Dining Services added these new options because of student feedback and trends. Venues like Creperie are a trend at other universities, and Dining Services felt it would be a good addition to the campus.

Of Creperie, Pintar said, “I think the food is delicious but the portions are small.”

Other dining changes were made for different reasons. Abel said that Sí Señor was switched out for El Gallo de Oro in response to student feedback concerning Si Señor and students’ appreciation of Mexican food. Worlds of Flavor, on the other hand, was added because of the positive response students gave to last year’s Take Comfort promotion on Tuesday nights.

“Stackers was actually something that one of the chefs came up with,” Abel said. “Students really get to choose what they want to eat. They can pick each ingredient.”

Nakama Express is the new sushi eatery in Resnik, located where Sushi Too used to exist.

“[Nakama Express] was good. They made me what I wanted. It was custom sushi,” Katy Wells, fifth-year senior global studies major, said of the new sushi venue.