Dorm laundry situation raises student concerns

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As a member of the Intersection collection of dormitories on campus, I am writing to air grievances regarding recent changes made to the housing situation there by Housing and Dining. In previous years, the Intersection was served by a collection of laundry machines located in Margaret Morrison Plaza. Upon arrival to Carnegie Mellon this semester, students of the Intersection discovered their laundry room had been abruptly closed and they had been permanently redirected to a laundry room in the basement of Hamerschlag.

Concerns about this change have not been answered by Housing and Dining with more than perfunctory brush-offs, so I am seeking a wider audience. Our complaints fall into two major categories. The first is purely logistical; the new laundry location is farther, with fewer washers that are in worse condition, meaning that the Intersection’s access to laundry has been more than halved. Rubbing salt into the wound is the fact that multiple machines in the Hamerschlag laundry room simply do not function at all. This situation is highly frustrating, especially since it is a permanent change that residents of the Intersection have no recourse from.

In addition, students were not informed of this decision until after the school year began, despite it being planned as far back as before housing selection for the 2012–13 school year. Students in the Intersection were given no opportunity to respond to this change, and signed their housing agreement with one understanding only to find their housing situation was substantially different when they arrived. It is inappropriate and unreasonable for such a decision to be foisted on students so abruptly and underhandedly.

The students of the Intersection do not accept this situation. We are upset that our access to laundry machines has been abruptly reduced and disconcerted that we were entirely cut out of the decision-making process, and above all, we want Housing and Dining to acknowledge we have a legitimate grievance and to take steps to address it.