Dollar Movie

August 30

[BOLD]Lethal Weapon[BOLD]
8 10 12

Watch Danny Glover and Mel Gibson enforce some serious law in one of the most revered and plagiarized “buddy cop” films of all time. The well-known film critic Roger Ebert gave four stars to this winding tale about two members of the LAPD homicide crew grappling with a drug and prostitution ring. The 1987 film was directed by Richard Donner and written by Shane Black — straight out of college.

August 31

[BOLD]21 Jump Street[BOLD]
8 10 12

Enjoy the bumbling, ironic comedy of Jonah Hill? Don’t miss 21 Jump Street, which was his writing debut and perhaps his most well-received effort. Channing Tatum, who has had a marvelous breakout year, joins Hill in a riotous spin on 1980’s “buddy cop” movies like Thursday’s Lethal Weapon. Watch out for a few memorable cameos.

September 1

[BOLD]Attack the Block[BOLD]
8 10 12

Joe Cornish directs this undervalued 2011 release in a surprisingly cogent debut. A band of South London rogues attempt to defend their territory from an aBoyega turns in a particularly solid performance in this well-characterized sci-fi effort. Fans of 2009’s District 9 will likely be just as excited about this one.

September 2

[BOLD]Summer Wars[BOLD]
8 10 12

Mamoru Hosoda directs this mind-boggling sci-fi epic about a young math genius who goes up against some hostile artificial intelligence. Summer Wars came out in 2009, and has received numerous accolades, most notably the Japan Academy Prize for Animation and the Golden Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival. This film presentation is co-sponsored by the Vermillion Club.