Did You Know?

[BOLD]50 years ago: Sept. 19, 1962[BOLD]

An editorial discusses the importance of Freshman Camp (i.e. Orientation) and of keeping alive the “new outlook” and “enthusiasm” that first-years bring to campus. The article suggests that the camp be a graduation requirement. This editorial makes you wonder how long the student body has been apathetic in terms of school spirit.

[BOLD]25 years ago: Sept. 1, 1987 [BOLD]

A snarky feature recounts the “spectacles” witnessed during registration for the fall semester. In addition to the usual long lines, the administration added a “Popular Music Video” twist to the annual ordeal. Students received add/drop slips while songs like Janet Jackson’s “Nasty Girl” played in the background.

[BOLD]10 years ago: Aug. 25, 2002[BOLD]

Three students sue the university after they were punished for allegedly harassing art major William Kofmehl — also known as “Lobster Man.” Kofmehl became Lobster Man for a performance art project in which he dressed up as a lobster, took a vow of silence, and lived in a shack on the Cut.

[BOLD]5 years ago: Aug. 27, 2007[BOLD]

A Pillbox article notes how to inexpensively decorate your dorm room. Some suggestions include making a collage out of newspapers and magazines or using comics as wallpaper. In addition to décor advice, the author notes locations around campus where students can print in gloss and color.

[BOLD]1 year ago: Aug. 29, 2011[BOLD]

The Fence is vandalized for the second time this year. In addition to a message stating, “Hey CMYou you are a babe! NOT... Just kidding or am I? Now get back to studying...weirdos...” the fence also appeared to have been cut into with a hacksaw in multiple areas, slicing off some layers of paint.