From the Head Orientation Counselors

Credit: Courtesy of Will Weiner Credit: Courtesy of Will Weiner

Hello Class of 2016+,

Once again, we want to congratulate you on making it here! If you’re reading this edition of The Tartan, it means you’ve made it all the way to campus and are ready to get your college experience started. This is a monumental achievement in and of itself. Carnegie Mellon is a very special place, but that description dangerously oversimplifies the truth. In actuality, there is no adequate way to describe the culture, community, and wealth of experiences that await you here.

Instead, we hope that you will get a sense of what the phrase “Carnegie Mellon is a very special place” means during Orientation week and that you will come to fully understand the magic of this place throughout your four or five years here.

It’s difficult to wrap your head around all the opportunities you’ll have; each of us HOCs are entering our fourth year and we still continue to be wowed by the experiences we are presented with and the amazing things we see our peers doing in all fields. Here you are only limited by your ambition, and this idea played an integral part in the selection of our theme: “Tartan Tale.”

We wanted to emphasize the agency you will have in shaping your experience. You are writing your own story and the plot is whatever you choose. Labels mean little here; your major doesn’t define your life path. Instead, what is important is how you choose to use your skills and passions.

It’s common here to see computer scientists go into the arts, artists end up coding, and every form of collaboration in between. We encourage you to use your time here to discover your passions and take advantage of Carnegie Mellon’s vast resources to see your dreams to fruition.

Another aspect that led us to choose “Tartan Tale” is that it speaks to a grander story than one on the individual level. We are all Tartans here. All of our actions and achievements contribute to the already-impressive legacy of Carnegie Mellon. How will your individual story weave into the larger plaid of Carnegie Mellon?

You are now a part of a huge family of innovators and award winners in just about every field. More importantly, this is a family of curious, kind, and fascinating individuals. Your experience will be greatly enriched if you seek out those around you and learn from one another by exchanging your stories and dreams.

This coming week is going to be packed with new people, places, and information. Don’t worry if you don’t remember every fact you learn or every face you meet; it’s impossible to do so. However, we still recommend you try to learn all you can about what Carnegie Mellon can offer and to meet as many other students as possible.

All of us have close friends we met during our Orientation week, and you will find yourselves building those bonds shortly. The seven of us and the 130 Orientation Counselors we hired will be there to answer your questions and make sure that this week is one of the most fun and memorable weeks you have at Carnegie Mellon.

Get excited for the journey ahead. You cannot be sure of where you will end up four or five years from now. There will certainly be ups and downs, but they will be well worth it, for no good story is without struggle. Rest assured that you will make some incredible friendships, gain great knowledge, and have a tale or two to tell as a result of your time here!

We are excited to see you off on your college journey, and we eagerly wait to see how your chapter fits into the ever-evolving “Tartan Tale.”

The 2012 HOCs,

Christina Brant, Eric Dietz, Michelle Guarino, Matt Ho, Sangita Sharma, Nadia Sheen, and Will Weiner