About this issue

This special issue of The Tartan represents the first of many more issues that you, the class of 2016+, will open during your time at Carnegie Mellon.

Our staff put this issue together with you in mind, in which you will find what we feel is some of the most important information for first-years to know, as well as tips and hints about how to get the most out of your time in Pittsburgh and at Carnegie Mellon.

We provide a glimpse of upcoming Orientation week events, including a welcome letter from your Head Orientation Counselors, to help you choose from among the many opportunities happening during the week.
We hope this overview will help you navigate your way through a great first week at Carnegie Mellon.

In our News section, we’ve included recent changes to the campus community and profiled new school deans so you can be up to date on all campus happenings.

You will find articles about the latest innovations and research projects coming from our own students and faculty in our Science and Technology section.

The Forum section details our staff members’ opinions on current events, from Chik-fil-A CEO’s anti-gay marriage stance to the mudslinging nature of the 2012 presidential campaigns’ advertisements. It also includes the Editorial Board section, the official voice of The Tartan.

In Sports, you can catch up with Carnegie Mellon’s sports teams — whether at the varsity level or the many club sports — as they gear up for the upcoming season.

In Pillbox — the arts and culture section — we provide a guide to some of Carnegie Mellon’s quirky and unusual traditions, a complete “etiquette guide” to life at Carnegie Mellon, and a detailed map of Pittsburgh’s many neighborhoods.

These articles provide you with a crash course in Pittsburgh culture and the city’s hot spots, useful to both newcomers and Steel City natives.

This issue is not meant to summarize everything you will ever learn about Carnegie Mellon or Pittsburgh; rather, it is meant to be an introduction, to pique your interest in this upcoming college experience.

Our hope is that all these snapshots of life at Carnegie Mellon will add up to give you a fuller picture of what you can plan on experiencing in the next four (or five) years.

But the truth is, we’ve barely hit the tip of the iceberg.

As your student-run newspaper, The Tartan is committed to presenting you with the most important and relevant news on campus every week.

If you want to put faces to the names you’ve seen in this issue, join our staff at noon this Saturday at the Fence for free barbecue and music.

And, as always, feel free to keep reading The Tartan in print and online.