Crime and Incident

Each week, The Tartan collaborates with University Police to report on the latest incidents occurring on and near campus. For this issue, The Tartan has compiled a special edition of the Crime and Incident section; these are some of the more notable reports of the section from the past year.

Prohibited Solicitation

Oct. 26, 2011

University Police responded to the University Center’s complaint that a group of students were selling nachos without permission. Upon arrival, officers found that the students were cleaning up because the staff had told them to leave.

The group was cooperative and told the officers that they thought they were allowed to sell nachos for a class project. They stated that they believed they followed the proper protocol and there must have been a misunderstanding between them and the staff. No further action was taken.

Disorderly Conduct

Nov. 7, 2011

Police were alerted to an incident that occurred at the Fairfax Apartments in which an unidentified male, who was believed to be a Carnegie Mellon student, became upset over a malfunctioning dryer. The male became verbally abusive to two of the apartment staff members. University Police are working with the staff in an attempt to identify this person.

Mock Crime Scenes

Feb. 8, 2012

University Police responded to several places on campus for a report of chalk outlines of bodies and evidence markers. Mock Crime Alerts were also located.

Further investigation revealed that it was an art project done by a student. Due to the alarm created by this incident to the campus community and the artist’s failure to obtain permission, discipline is pending.

Suspicious Activity

April 1, 2012

University Police were called to Hunt Library for a report of suspicious activity. Library staff told police that upon opening they found a large blue and yellow papier-mâché Pokémon “Snorlax” character, approximately six feet wide and four feet tall, blocking a stairwell. Facilities Management Services was called to take it down.

Disorderly Conduct

April 8, 2012

University Police were called to the Gates Center for a report of students who were riding wheeled chairs down the helix walkway.

Upon arrival, officers met with the students who admitted to riding the chairs. It was explained to the students that it was dangerous and unacceptable behavior. A report was made and the students were warned that if they were caught again they would be cited.


April 24, 2012

University Police took a report from a faculty member who was getting repeated mailings from an inmate who is incarcerated in California. A Carnegie Mellon detective is following up with the staff of the institution to get the mailings to stop.