Did You Know?

100 years ago: March 28, 1912
Baby news is all the rage in this week’s Tartan, with two separate mentions about newborns. The birth of a baby boy to two Tech alumni earns a nomination by the Alumni Association to name him the “Carnegie Baby.” In another column, a faculty member spotted three more healthy babies, each sporting a Carnegie Tech button.

50 years ago: April 4, 1962
Anticipating the first home track meet of the year, The Tartan runs a preview of the 1962 team. With the competition taking place on the new track for the first time ever, The Tartan has high hopes for the success of the team throughout the year in both single and relay events.

25 years ago: April 7, 1987
The dorm alcohol policy is clarified in a news article. In dorms and fraternities, hard liquor will no longer be tolerated, but wine and beer is acceptable. Students concede that they get away with a lot in terms of the university’s underage drinking policy.

10 years ago: April 15, 2002
A graduating senior lists the top 10 reasons Carnegie Mellon does not suck, with humor and honesty. She reminds students who hate Carnegie Mellon that they chose to be here, and at some point or another everyone has a reason to appreciate the school and its oddities.

5 years ago: April 9, 2007
As usual for Carnegie Mellon, issues arise in student government. By the due date, the elections board has only received 10 petitions for the 30 open spots for Student Senate positions for the upcoming year. Students’ comments on the dilemma vary greatly, from worried sentiments to statements of indifference.

1 year ago: April 4, 2011
In honor of the spring weather and Carnival’s approach, The Tartan outlines favorite eateries for brunch. The author suggests visiting lesser-known spots, even though they’re more difficult to access via public transportation than local ones.