Did You Know?

100 years ago: April 24, 1912
In an exclusive letter to The Tartan, University President Arthur Hamerschlag shares big news with the student body: The Carnegie Technical Schools are renamed the Carnegie Institute of Technology. A new emblem is also pictured, featuring Andrew Carnegie’s famous “My heart is in the work” slogan and the new name.

50 years ago: May 2, 1962
The disciplinary committee passes a new ordinance: Students found guilty of damaging library books are liable to be expelled. The Student Congress passes an additional measure stating that students caught stealing library materials are subject to the same fate as their book-damaging brethren.

25 years ago: April 28, 1987
In honor of the upcoming summer vacation, The Tartan suggests the best domestic and foreign places to go after a year of academic studies at Carnegie Mellon. The article is also full of advice on how to tan, why to tan, and the best career paths for maintaining a tan; working on a cruise ship takes the top spot.

10 years ago: April 29, 2002
A love columnist suggests trying to find a balance between respecting women and being internally sexist. His approach and effort are lacking, but he suggests it is the fault of provocatively dressed women who give the rest of their sex a bad name and make it impossible for men to change how they treat women.

5 years ago: April 30, 2007
Summer construction is set to begin as soon as students leave campus after commencement. A few of the fraternity houses will undergo renovations, and Doherty Hall will receive improved handicap access. The largest project underway is the Gates Center, set for completion in 2009.

1 year ago: April 25, 2011
The University Athletic Association (UAA) track and field championships saw many career bests. New personal records were set in the javelin throw, discus throw, pole vault, and 400-meter dash. First-year Jackie Guevel broke Carnegie Mellon and UAA records in the 100-meter hurdles.