Students should voice opinions on JFC budget

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(Don’t worry Senate, this article’s on me.)

I recently sat in on a meeting where GSA and CMU’s undergraduate Senate were reviewing budget appeals that had recently just gone through the Joint Funding Committee. Since I’ve paid my student activities fee, I was glad I got to see exactly how all this money is being handled.

One thing, however, I was not expecting, was such a conflict over The Tartan’s budget. Essentially, The Tartan would like to pay some of their staff, just like Activities Board Tech and cmuTV do, as incentive to write a wider range of articles. The majority of Senate did not like this idea.

The Tartan was referred to on multiple occasions as an organization that could not be compared to AB Tech or cmuTV because they were a serviceless organization. People in the Senate added that if they needed to pay someone to write an article, they would need to pay people to read it too, and if the Tartan were to fold, nothing would change. I was shocked to see a resounding majority of Senate agree with this, and if it weren’t for GSA, the money would have been removed from the budget. (Thank you, GSA!)

I thought I could safely assume we’ve all made it past high school, but this leads me to ask, do these people not know anything about U.S. history? In what world is a newspaper a serviceless organization? Last time I checked, a newspaper’s sole purpose was to service its community, much like what the Senate should be doing.

I am also forced to wonder, how many people are actually reading this, and was the Senate right? How much importance does Carnegie Mellon put on what used to be such a significant American institution?

Newspapers play an integral role in sharing information and keeping facts before the public. Because of this, I am writing to encourage whoever is reading this to sit in on the next Senate meeting. It’s our money and it’s our responsibility to make sure we let the Senate know just how important this newspaper really is.