Response from SBVP candidate

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This letter is a written response to The Tartan’s March 26 Forum article titled “Dudley should not be elected SBVP” and the 122 online comments it received.

Students, Teachers, Faculty, Peers:

First and foremost I would like to thank all of you for your unending support this past week.

I have written a response to last week’s Tartan article “Dudley should not be elected SBVP” but due to certain length restraints involving letters to the editor, I have chosen to publish my response on Will and my’s campaign site,

I spent a lot of time on my response and sought out advice from many of my peers and advisors, and because of this I am of the opinion that the letter should only be read in its entirety.

I urge all who are interested to please visit our campaign site to read my response and I thank all of the Tartan readers for understanding this decision.

Will and I wish the best to all of the candidates running in this year’s election and we look forward to hearing the results.