Compubookie makes predictions

Here we go, Buggy lovers: It’s that time of the year again. Spring is in the air and that means Carnival is right around the corner, so let’s make some predictions, shall we?

The same number of teams as last year are out there, but we have two new additions and two organizations no longer running. An upstart group of first-years and a fraternity/sorority combo replace two dying organizations, each hoping to put on a good show in their first sweepstakes race. With fewer newly-built buggies this year, free rolls have featured a bounty of opportunities for the returning teams to perfect their lines, which will make for one of the closest contested races in recent memory. Let’s get on with it.

On the women’s side, I’m expecting more of the same. Rounding out the bottom of the pack will be PiKA’s A team, with their progressively slower push teams. Finishing slightly ahead will be Sig Ep A and SDC B. SPIRIT’s women pushers have looked impressive during rolls and as long as their troubling mechanical issues don’t show up on raceday, I’m predicting a third-place finish. Fringe’s downhill times will prove to be too much for SPIRIT women to overcome. Fringe A will take second place, however, as this race has turned into SDC A against the clock. With superior pushers and a top-of-the-line buggy, the SDC women will once again take home the title.

Moving on to the men’s races, I’m predicting a more tightly contested race than that of last year. Making the final cut in to Day 2 will be a surprising Sigma Nu, whose downhill times have been impressive and will make up for a group of slower-than-average pushers. Next, we will see a pair of B teams in PiKA and Fringe, who will simply be looking to provide insurance for their respective A teams.

Barring any sort of issue in the Chute, the first of SDC’s three Day 2 teams will look to finish slightly ahead of Fringe B. Coming in at sixth place, we will see our first A team. Sig Ep A will rely on their group of strong and fast pushers to overcome a slower buggy. With spinouts looking like less and less of an issue at rolls, expect a very competitive race from SPIRIT’s A team, pushing them into a fifth-place finish. PiKA A will try to rebound from a disqualification and a half-year absence, but will fall short once again and end up in fourth. The top two organizations will again compete for the three most important trophies.

Both Fringe and SDC have consistently put up the top times at rolls and each has looked efficient on the hills. However, with ample time to practice without the added commitment of testing a new buggy, I expect SDC to run cleaner races and eliminate mistakes that have plagued them in the past. Fringe A will fall back to Earth after a two-year reign and finish third to SDC B and SDC A.

That’s all for me, folks. Good luck to all the teams. I will see you out on raceday, but you won’t ever see me.