Did You Know?

100 years ago: April 11, 1912
The Tartan conducts a straw poll for the 1912 presidential election. There are 12 candidates on the ballot, ranging from Theodore Roosevelt with 278 votes, to William Howard Taft with 103 votes, to Woodrow Wilson with 86 votes.

50 years ago: April 11, 1962
For the first time at Carnegie Tech, there will be an admitted students day in April. This year’s new event has 425 affirmations to visit out of the 1,400 accepted students. The day will include school tours by each college, interaction with deans and faculty, lunch, and dorm tours.

25 years ago: April 14, 1987
Spring Carnival weekend leads to some out-of-character events on Carnegie Mellon’s campus, including a drunken, outraged fraternity brother interrupting the closing ceremonies and nine arrests. One fight on Midway included a female being attacked with a butcher knife.

10 years ago: April 22, 2002
Alcohol reigns supreme as one the most talked-about features of Spring Carnival weekend. From one fraternity house claiming to have purchased 400 cases of beer for the weekend to a comic that describes Spring Carnival as “exercise for the liver,” the presence of alcohol was palpable all weekend.

5 years ago: April 16, 2007
The university will now be offering a major in the field of linguistics for the first time. The degree will be cross-departmental, drawing on classes in English, modern languages, philosophy, and psychology. The degree is toted as having a lot of flexibility and is the result of student requests.

1 year ago: April 11, 2011
The Beeler Street Association makes headlines for its work as Spring Carnival approaches. Tensions are often high between student and permanent residents of Beeler Street, but the association aims to give both parties a chance to communicate effectively.