Individuals can accept God’s offer

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To the Editors of The Tartan,

As a speaker at the event, I appreciated your coverage of last week’s Veritas Forum on “the meaning of work.” One of the many reasons why I love Carnegie Mellon is our diversity, and our willingness to embrace that diversity through open, respectful dialog. I was happy to see The Tartan covering and participating in that dialog.

However, I wanted to clarify one point in The Tartan’s coverage of the event. Your story said that I believe “all humans already have God’s acceptance.” This is not entirely accurate. In my opening statement (which is available online), I was trying to say that I believe that all humans have received God’s offer of acceptance through Jesus’ death. However, I also believe that God gives each of us the dignity of choosing whether to accept this offer; and thus while God’s acceptance is freely offered, it must also be voluntarily received.

This distinction is important to me because I’d hate to leave your readers with the false impression that individual choice has no role to play in the Christian faith.