Student Senate continues projects

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With half the semester gone, I wanted to check in on behalf of Senate to let you know where we stand on our projects and give some updates for the rest of the way.

The first topic I’d like to address is the Port Authority cuts. We have been very active in fighting against these cuts, including generating the site, which currently has over 1,500 signatures. We have publicized the site through tabling, appearances at campus events, and via the internet. We will continue to make sure CMU’s voice is heard and will be taking a lobbying trip to Harrisburg later this month.

In my previous update I mentioned several projects; here are updates. In tandem with the University Center staff, we will be adding a new air hockey table as well as speakers in the Scotland Yard game room. The staffs at Tazza D’Oro and Gates have agreed to let us implement a table-sharing system there, which will help with crowding issues. In terms of new initiatives, we have formed a committee that addresses biking issues on campus, and we are working collaboratively with several other groups to install new bike racks. We are launching a T-shirt design contest for a student to design a CMU shirt that we will sell at a cheap rate to the student body. We are beginning to poster and create online publicity for this contest.

Our Finance Committee continues to give money to many worthy causes including Bhangra, TEDx, and Carnival. We funded AB to put speakers in Kirr Commons for Late Nights, something that will save groups $65 per event once installed. We budgeted to provide funding in the future for CollegiateLink, which is an organization management platform that has great potential to empower student groups and connect campus better than ever before.

The final area I will touch on is PR. I feel we have made large strides in this area. We have tabled nearly every Friday this semester, spreading awareness about our initiatives and our work with the Port Authority cuts. Our blog has served as a more effective vehicle for sharing information, but we still need it to reach a larger audience. We have built a stronger foundation than in years past, and there is a good basis for our image to grow. That being said, we need to be diligent in continuing to spread our name, especially with elections season around the corner.

There are several more initiatives than these, which I encourage you to follow at We welcome your feedback and criticisms as always.