Did You Know?

100 years ago: March 7, 1912
The intramural basketball season continues with teams having completed about half of their season schedules. The Tartan shares a new incentive for the overall winner: Faculty will challenge the team to a final game of the season. The game will be held for invited members of the Carnegie Tech community.

50 years ago: March 21, 1962
Alpha Phi Omega is sponsoring the “Ugliest Man on Campus” competition to raise funds for charity. Organizations nominate candidates, and the entire student body is eligible to vote. Votes cost one cent each, and students can vote as many times and for as many candidates as they want.

25 years ago: March 17, 1987
A senior laments his approaching graduation and shares the Class of 1987’s gift plan: the donation of a Class of 1987 Room. Beginning in the ’80s, seniors at Carnegie Mellon started giving gifts to the university, and this year’s class is no different.

10 years ago: March 18, 2002
A junior Forum writer from the English department chronicles his spring break in New Orleans. He visited the city to attend a writing conference. His adventures in the city included exploring Bourbon Street and Canal Street in a drunken stupor and pretending to be a cop.

5 years ago: March 26, 2007
Carnegie Mellon computer science alumnus Scott Weiss makes history on Jeopardy! with the first three-way tie in the show’s 43-year running. According to a mathematician hired by the show, the odds of a three-way tie are one in 25 million.

1 year ago: March 21, 2011
A Person’s Opinion asks students whether abstinence is realistic after a new study is released indicating a 5 percent increase in abstinence in young adults. Answers range from those who believe abstinence is realistic, to those who think it’s impossible.